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A Daily Treat in Your Inbox…

… a gorgeous shoe to fantasize about, delivered every morning. What a great way to start the day!


Johannesburg, 5 September 2011 – Most women are absolutely wild about shoes, and just adore ogling gorgeous footwear at every opportunity. The latest offering from Vogue Fox will provide South African women with a beautiful shoe to look forward to every morning, delivered right to their inboxes.

“The idea of sending a daily shoe seemed a perfect way to provide my clients with something fun and cheery to brighten their day first thing every morning,” says Kara Fox, Personal Shopper at Vogue Fox and Founder of The Daily Shoe.

Loxton started choosing interesting designer heels at the beginning of May 2011, sending one each day to a handful of clients. By October 2011, The Daily Shoe subscriber base had grown substantially, thanks to word-of-mouth and social media.

“Some of my subscribers have written to tell me that receiving The Daily Shoe is their favourite moment of the day,” says Fox, who has recently started focusing on South African designers and locally available brands in the newsletter.

The newsletter offers a simple look at a picture of the day’s chosen shoe, accompanied by the date and the name of the designer.

“It’s important to keep the newsletter uncluttered, as one is faced with so much unwanted advertising nowadays. I wanted to give my subscribers a moment of joy, and then allow them to continue with their day, without needing to read any lengthy texts or advertising spiels.”

About The Daily Shoe

“The Daily Shoe” was launched 3 May 2011by Vogue Fox, a South African style consultancy offering services that include personal shopping, styling and wardrobe advice.

Those interested in subscribing to The Daily Shoe may do so, free of charge, by visiting dailyshoe.co.za and entering their details.

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