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I'm Kara Fox, founder and editor at The Daily Shoe.

Welcome, and thanks for your visit. 

Kara Fox Loves The shoes!

Kara Fox Loves The Shoes!

About the Editor

I specialise in helping people feel fantastic about themselves by making them realise their full potential and drawing their confidence to the fore.

I'd describe myself as creative and energetic, with mountains of enthusiasm and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

I started and continue to drive several ventures that include –

Vogue Fox (2007 – 2020) – A Personal Style Consultancy that creates fabulous and functional wardrobes

The Daily Shoe (2011 onwards) – Award-winning shoe blog

Digital Butterfly (2016 onwards) – Web Presence Instigation and Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

My career path has taken me all over the world, from Miami to Mexico, Vancouver to Paris and I have been trained by some of the top luxury design houses in the world.

At the moment, I live in Cape Town, and my hobbies include running the odd half-marathon and I'm somewhat of a wine enthusiast. Follow me on Instagram to keep in touch.

How it all began…

The Daily Shoe began in May 2011 as an experimental hobby to send an instant mood-lift every morning to my clients at my Personal Shopping agency, Vogue Fox. True, while – sadly – we closed during the pandemic, beautiful shoes are forever.

I'm a bit of a shoe addict (forgive me, have I just stated the obvious?) and I came up with the concept when I realised that although most of my clients really hated shopping for clothes, many of them still loved shopping for shoes. Not only that, but I noticed women admiring even the types of shoes they'd never wear themselves – proof that truly beautiful shoes can be considered art.


By featuring a picture of a gorgeous shoe every morning, word travelled and soon thousands of shoe lovers began to look forward to their daily fix of fabulous footwear.

The Daily Shoe has received accolades by fashion guru Craig Jacobs in The Sunday Times, featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and appeared at Fashion Week, sponsored by Brutal Fruit. It also won the SABA “Best Fashion Blog” for two consecutive years, and has ranked #201 Fashion Blog internationally by Fohr Card.



Fabulous competitions come with the territory and so far subscribers have won gorgeous shoes every month, shoe shopping vouchers and even a few shoe shopping sprees.

Thanks for visiting, and I do hope you'll come back every day for your dose of fabulous footwear.

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