Designer Footwear for Less
Designer Footwear for Less at the Real Real

Designer Footwear for Less: A Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Online Bargains

If “Bargain Designer Shoes” sounds too good to be true, for a change, you're in luck. If you haven't heard of it yet, let me be the first to proudly introduce to you

The Real Real

Their aim is to supply fabulous, gently used second-hand shoes, bags, clothing and other luxury items to online shoppers globally. It's like a sample sale of one-off's that does what it says on the box. Designer deals on shoes, bags, watches, and just about any luxury item available to be snapped up by savvy shoppers.


is the tagline, immediately giving me a sense of surety that they have checked the quality before listing online.

Quality and Condition

Browsing through the large range of beautiful and cheap designer shoes and must-haves, you'll notice a description of the condition, ranging from Pristine, Excellent, Very Good to Good. 

Pristine shoes show no signs of being worn and include tags, box and dust bag, while Excellent shoes are clearly unused, but tags are not attached and boxes or dust bags are not included. Prices get better as the condition scale depreciates, so you can pickup amazing deals on shoes in the Very Good category. Who cares if they show minor wear at the soles, insoles and heels such as light scuffing at insanely low prices like these? Really not much to worry about if you're looking for incredible bargains on designer shoes! Loads of their designer shoes come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. When these are available, they'll be mentioned in the description.

I had a quick search and even found a variation of our very own logo mascot, the vintage Sergio Rossi Ruffle Ankle Boots. I am still wishing and hoping to find them some day in my size, and in white with black polka dots. *sigh*

Cheap Designer Shoes: Sergio Rossi Ruffle Ankle Boots


That your designer shoes and other goodies are the real-deal is the cornerstone of The RealReal. They have trained, in-house professionals who ensure the items they sell are authentic and in beautiful condition. Everything has to pass through strict authenticity tests before it is considered for their online collection.

Kara Fox Loves The Cheap Designer Shoes!
Kara Fox Loves The Shoes!

They are so strict about this and about protecting the designer shoes and luxury industry, that anything received that they then determine to be counterfeit (read, FAKE), may be destroyed. So at least you know your investment in designer shoes at a fraction of their original price, is valid.

There's never been a better way to get your hands on real, good quality second-hand designer shoes in my opinion. It's also given me pause for thought about all those original boxes and dust bags that I've thrown out in the past… just goes to show, shoes really are an investment!

As if we needed any justification to buy more…





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