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Nonhle Thema is one of SA's hottest rising stars and has been named as the "face" of fabulously popular and glamorous shoe brand, Madison.

Nonhle Thema

Interview with Celebrity Shoe Gal – Nonhle Thema

Nonhle is one of SA's hottest rising stars and has been named as the “face” of fabulously popular and glamorous shoe brand, Madison.

We managed to secure and interview with this lovely lady, and can not emphasise just how blown away we were by her absolute radiant warmth. Genuinely down-to-earth and just the kind of gal you instantly want to become BFF's with. 

How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to keep things simple. Not too much clutter or trying to hard. Classic; simplicity… yet sexy.

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Wow! Fashion inspiration. I draw a lot of inspiration from my mother and in terms of celebrities, I like how Halle Berry just keeps her fashion sense very classic. Always a sophisticated lady, she's very sexy. She never looks like she's trying to be hard to be edgy .

Favourite fashion magazine?

I read Cosmo magazine, But Grazia is my #1 right now. They are quite current and they do nice write ups on shoes especially. I feel like I can get my daily dose of what's out there.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

SHOES! My shoes! They are my fashion obsession morning, noon, and night, for all seasons. The outfit can be plain but the shoes… Well people first look at your shoes when you walk into a room. And your hair. So you must always wear great shoes and have fabulous hair.

What are the 5 shoes you think every girl should own?

1. A good pair of flats to help you run around during the day. As a mom, before I had a daughter I only had heels & stilettos. I used to run around on heels. When I became a mom, I realised I need to be comfortable first & foremost. I need to be relaxed. So good flats are very necessary. .

2. Wedges are great, if you need comfort but a bit of height. In wedges, you can still be “fly”.

3. You have to have a pair of killer heels in your life, to make you tall and elongated and slimmer. Heels are very important when you need dress to impress.

4. A good pair of boots especially in winter. Every girl must have nice knee-length warm boots, whatever colour you like. I have them in all colours. They're that much of a necessity.

5. Running shoes as well or good quality exercise shoes.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

I like very much not to follow fashion – then you are the maker of your own rules. If you are a slave to fashion, you are a slave to the rules the world puts out there. So I'm always true to my own particular mood on any particular day, because when I speak to my mood it allows my fashion to be honest with how I'm feeling and not seem like I'm “trying” too hard.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere from TV to my mom who had a classic fashion sense like me. She doesn't overdo things or try too hard and keeps her look nice and accessible. You can't be dressing up so much that people can't relate to you. I try to be an inspiration to others, and to do that, I have to look accessible. Especially for example, someone who has had a child. I'd like other moms to see me and think, well I can be a mom and also look good.

What’s your next fashion must-have?

On my shopping list – fabulous belts. I need more belts. I've fallen in love with adding a belt to dresses to accentuate the waist.

Coffee or Tea?

TEA! Green tea or my mom's special Chinese tea.

Heels or Flats?

Um, gosh! Hard to choose. I do love my heels though so… I will go with heels.

Favourite shoe designer?

Madison! HELLAOOOO! I had to clear my shoe closet to make space for my new obsession which is Madison Shoes.

How many pairs of shoes in your wardrobe?

So many honey. Like… I can't even tell you.

What is one thing our readers would be surprised to hear?

I'm a hoarder. I keep things – I don't like to get rid of stuff. I have stuff from my teens – I find things from when I was 18, letters from old boyfriends and stuff! My mom packed up my clothes and put them in suitcases, saying “when are you ever going to wear this stuff?” But I guess I'm just sentimental…

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Thank you Nonhle! With all our love,

and the Shoe Gals.




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