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Top Shoe Blogs in the World: Top 5 Globally

Wondering which blogs to follow to get your dose of fabulous footwear?

Here's a list of my absolute favourites, my top shoe blogs. These are the go-to's when in need of a good shoe-fix, a mood lift, and a cracking good time on the internet.


1. Top Shoe Blogs: The Daily Shoe

1. Top Shoe Blogs: The Daily Shoe

Ah! The Daily Shoe. Of course… our favourite shoe blog. Not that I'm biased… The Daily Shoe recently won SA's Best Fashion Blog of the Year and has been named as one of the top fashion blogs in the world. With it's huge global following, thousands of shoe zealots will tell you there's no better way to satisfy a shoe addiction than browsing through the archives. The best part is, there's a beautiful shoe posted (almost) every morning. What a fantastic start to any day! You can subscribe via email, or find The Daily Shoe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Top Shoe Blogs: R-A-W Shoes Blog

2. Top Shoe Blogs: R-A-W Shoes Blog

The R-A-W Shoes Blog is usually the first to reveal the latest collections in the shoe industry. It's a meticulously up-to-date site, with high quality images and excellent editorials in every post. This blog is a must-have for any serious fashion blogger. A very high contender for the crown of best global shoe blog.

3. Top Shoe Blogs: Shoerazzi

3.Top Shoe Blogs: Shoerazzi

Living up to its name connotation… a clever play on the word paparazzi. This blog features all the hottest shoes worn in Hollywood. It's a fabulous site for gossip and red-carpet heels. The blog doesn't post as regularly as once upon a time, but looking through the archives is incredibly more-ish. That's why Shoerazzi still rates highly as one of the my top picks.

4. Top Shoe Blogs: En Brogue

4. Top Shoe Blogs: En Brogue

“Slow comfortable style” is this UK fashion blog's byline. En Brogue features every shoe you'd possibly want for a stylish, comfortable strictly flat shoe collection. Every week, we feature a “Casual Fridays” flat, so if you wish to see flats on a more regular basis, this is your go-to.

5. Top Shoe Blogs: Manolo's Shoe Blog

5. Top Shoe Blogs: Manolo's Shoe Blog

One of the most enjoyable blogs on the internet, and it happens to be about shoes. Note this is not actually written by Manolo Blahnik the shoe designer, but by one really hilarious blogger with the same first name. Here, you'll find joy not only in the shoes but also in the writing. Witty insights, shoe philosophies and careful criticisms are peppered with a playful intelligence. The entertainment and variety once had a loyal following coming back for more daily. Unfortunately The Manolo has stopped posting but the articles are still up there. When i feel like a mood-lift, I read back on some of the posts  of my most favourite ever written about shoes, keeping this blog place firmly on my list of Top Shoe Blogs. The Kara approves!

What do you think?

Which are your favourite shoe blogs?

5 Top Shoe Blogs in the World




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      5. I love the B.O.C. brand of shoes for comfort. Has anyone else had issues with the soles splitting? I didn’t even make it through one season without the sole splitting in my most recent pair.

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